Getting in touch with the world's most renowned Psychics has never been easier at this Global Esoteric Portal. Whether it be an interpretation of a dream or a reading, PsychicPortal.techmojo.com psychics are ready to assist you with your requests.

Readings Availible Now!

This is 'phase one' of the site: email Readings. Phase two is coming shortly where you will be able to chat live with an experienced Psychic.

First, register, it is free. click on the registration button in the upper right hand corner. We'll make sure your username is not already taken, and please don.t use any special characters. it's very important that your email address be correct, because that's how you will be guaranteed a secure payment online. At any point during your Reading you may .top up. your account with coins.

Second step, choose a Psychic, and enjoy an initial free chat! As a registered member, you have the option to chat with any online Psychic. At any point during your Reading you may .top up. your account with coins. Please be mindful and respect their time and wisdom.

Third step takes you to the .Add Coins. button. What is a coin? One coin equals one dollar U.S. As you already know, our Psychic can be reached from any country in the world, so a coin system was introduced to avoid confusion with local currency rates. You will always find the exact amount of transaction on the check-out page.

After you add coins to your account, just press the Start Consultation button on the Psychic.s profile page. As soon as you do this, your private Reading begins. In private consultation you can continue typing in chat, or use your webcam/microphone to talk and be seen as well. No matter what you choose, you are in for an exciting, unique and empowering experience.

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